About Me


If you’re looking to  communicate the passion behind a great new idea, conduct scrappy market research, or develop a new product, let’s talk. I specialize in working with entrepreneurs to take an idea and turn it into a concrete business or promote it with a creative campaign.

I have a solid background in product development, marketing, and business planning. Those terms don’t tell you much so for real-life examples, visit my Work page.

Highlight Reel: I’ve co-founded a publishing company that inspired hundreds of thousands of people to play our games and learn about wine, food, travel and sex. That led to working with clients like Wells Fargo to create a similarly engaging product about college financing. Somehow we did it. I’ve also worked with an Oakland entrepreneur to plan inexpensive ways to introduce her food business, and with health and education non-profits to strategize new businesses or marketing.

Right this minute I’m working with the website Bandcamp, helping musicians around the world earn a living from their music, and assisting low-income food entrepreneurs at incubator La Cocina.

I seek out ventures whose products shine with the spark of the person who created them and have community impact. If you’re interested in exploring ways I might help your business grow, contact here. ↓